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MESA Schools Program

The MESA Schools Program fosters early interest in math and science and prepares California middle and high school students for college in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors. Math or science teachers at MESA schools gain specialized training through 19 MESA centers throughout the state.

MESA Day Rules

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MESA Community
College Program

The MESA Community College Program supports community college students to successfully transfer to four-year institutions in STEM majors. There are 40 MESA community college centers across California.

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College Program

MESA Engineering Program

The MESA Engineering Program helps students at four-year universities attain engineering or computer science baccalaureate degrees. MESA serves college students at 13 universities in California. MESA’s rigorous academics, leadership preparation, and collaborative problem-solving training produce highly skilled graduates who meet industry’s workforce needs.

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National MESA Program

California MESA is involved with two national MESA efforts.

MESA USA and Diversity of Engineering.

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