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victor head shot


Victor Glover is all about giving back.


He has a long history with MESA that began as a fifth grader when he competed in MESA Day contests. Applying the math and science concepts gave him early interest in being an engineer, but he gained even more as an engineering major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He would visit local middle schools to tutor MESA students.


“Tutoring made me like school that much more and it was a good resource for me,” he said. “It sounds selfish, but it made me a better student because I began to follow the advice I gave to them.”


Victor continued on the road of serving when he joined the Navy in 1998 through a program that allowed him to complete college first. He earned a bachelor’s degree in general engineering from Cal Poly in 1999. After Officer’s School he later earned master’s degrees in military operational arts and science, flight test engineering and systems engineering. He flew 24 combat missions over Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, as a U.S Navy Lieutenant Commander and F-18 pilot.


He is once again among the elite in STEM, by being named a 2013 NASA astronaut candidate. He is one of eight selected from more than 6,100 applicants. Legislative fellow for John McCain’s office.


In August 2018, Victor was named a NASA Commercial Crew Program astronaut set to travel to the International Space Station on SpaceX Dragon.